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Pitcher Trakker

Pitcher Trakker User Guide.

Pitcher Trakker combines the art of baseball and softball statistics collection with the fun of a sophisticated graphical interface. Together, they make Pitcher Trakker the ultimate baseball and softball tool that lets fans, coaches, and parents measure the effectiveness of their favorite pitcher.

Pitcher Trakker lets you compare game statistics to seasonal statistics, or even earlier games. Use the data to discover effective pitching techniques, and discuss them with friends, the coach, or the pitcher. Email the statistics for review and permanent record keeping.

This is a must-have tool for all coaches, parents, pros, and fans alike! Pitcher Trakker is the coaching companion you want to carry in your pocket. Get it now and start tracking your favorite pitchers by clicking on the link below.





How do I get started?

You can read or download the user guide by clicking here.

From the Setup screen, start by selecting the pitcher’s name from a roster of saved profiles or create a new one. When starting a game, your first pitcher is the starter, all subsequent ones are relievers. Your pitchers' names will be used to track his/her stats throughout the season so make sure that each pitcher you track has a unique name.

Enter the opponent's team name, choose Baseball or Softball and the number of innings per game.


How do I start recording?

Tap on Play then choose the type of pitch used: Fastball, Curveball, Changeup, etc. One you decided on the type of pitch used, the next screen is the result of the pitch. Tap on the icon that corresponds to the pitch result: Ball, Strike, Foul Ball, etc. The third screen will let you choose the location of the ball that was pitched.


I made a mistake, how can I correct it?

Once you tap “Ok” on any of the alert boxes, you cannot go back. However, until you commit to the location of the ball that was pitched, you can always go back.


What is Edit Game?

The Edit Game button allows you to edit Balls, Strikes, Outs, and Inning. Edit Game also gives you the option to retire the currrent pitcher so that you can bring in another one.


How do I keep track of stats?

The application keeps track of the stats automatically. Every time you commit to a pitch result, the application will record it and you can view the report anytime by tapping on “Stats” in the tab bar.


How are my stats saved?

Your stats are saved automatically by the application so you don’t have to worry about it.


What does the “Power Save” button do?

When this button is on, you won’t see the animation when you tap on certain icons. This will save battery life and thus allows you to use the application for a longer period of time.


How do I load a previously saved pitcher?

The stats screen has three pages: left, center, and right. The center screen contains the stats of the current pitcher and you can never load another pitcher onto it. However, you can load any previously recorded pitchers onto the left or right screen by choosing the info “i” button at the bottom right corner of the screen. Highlight the pitcher you want to load then tap on “Load”. You then have a choice to load it to the left or right screen.


How do I delete a previously saved pitchers?

When you’re in the stats screen, tap on the info “i” button to go to the file list. Highlight the file you want to delete and press the “Delete” button. Note that you cannot delete the current pitcher, the one preceded by a “*”.


How do I email my pitcher stats?

When you’re in the stats screen, tap on the info “i” button to go to the file list. Highlight the file you want to email and press the “E-mail” button. Note that you are able to email at any time the stats data of the current pitcher.











































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